Services guaranteed to increase your customer retention rate!

When your customers feels their job is important, pristine and uninterrupted, you are more likely to have repeat customers and referrals!  We are here to help you do this by answering your phone calls (whether customer or annoying sales calls)  while you are on the job, schedule their appointments for you and handle all the paperwork keeping you in the office.  We have seen these services help our small business clients grow time and time again.  Used in addition to our full service bookkeeping and payroll services we offer,             the sky is the limit for your small business.

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This service will be customized to fit the needs of each individual client's business.  Whether you want to transfer your phones to us for just a few hours when you're busy or 8 hours a day or 24/7, the options are endless (and very cool).  We can be trained on your material and how you would like our team to manage your customers during calls.  This is great for contractors, doctor/wellness offices, small B to C businesses and more.  We are using a state of the art VoIP system which is cloud based and gives you the most benefits available. 


Online scheduling system

Does your business schedule appointments, work orders or reservations in the cloud?  In conjunction with managing your phone systems, we can either log into your pre-existing scheduling system or start a new one for you.  Everything is customized to fit your needs.

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Outsourcing your admin work will save you both time and money.  You save money on overhead such as office expenses,  Payroll tax and workers comp insurance on employees when outsourcing work to an umbrella company such as Dollar & Sense Bookkeeping. It is not only convenient and flexible for a small businesses to distribute work only when needed to us, we will handle all compliance, software, printing, and most all requests of us so you don't have to.  All services and pricing are customized so fit each client.  

Here’s what you can, and should, be outsourcing:

1. Administrative tasks. Scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, typing and other administrative tasks can usually be handled by a virtual assistant or administrative service. While these tasks are crucial to the proper functioning of any business, they are not usually core business activities.

2. Lead generation and customer service. Sales calls are often a matter of numbers; more calls equal more sales and leads. Once the initial outreach has been made, closing the sale can be handled by the internal sales force. A talented salesperson’s skills can be better utilized to close sales and handle clients, rather than make cold calls. It can also be a great deal more efficient to outsource customer support than it is to maintain a qualified support staff, especially for product-based companies.

3. Accounting and financial duties. Accounting firms or individuals can help with many financial services including bookkeeping, invoicing and accounts payable and receivable, as well as financial reporting, analysis and planning. Outsourcing payroll processing alone can save considerable hours, headaches and dollars. Many financial contractors will bundle these tasks for even greater savings.

4. Marketing. Effective marketing determines how both brand and company reputation are perceived in the marketplace. A marketing firm or consultant can often provide an outside perspective that an internal marketing staff cannot. Professional freelance writers can develop higher-quality, polished content that will improve marketing efforts. Website design, brand development, press releases and online marketing duties such as social media, blogging and search engine optimization are good candidates for outsourcing as well.

5. IT operations. It can be extremely expensive to handle IT operations in-house. The average business has limited ability and knowledge to manage all of its IT needs. Unless you’re an IT company, IT is a maintenance and repair function, not a core business activity. The potential advantages of outsourcing IT tasks are enormous.

6. Human resources. Employee acquisition and human resource functions can easily be administered by an outside agency. Outside firms are more skilled at advertising, screening suitable applicants and checking references. Using an HR or employment service to manage employee benefits can also be wise, since they must stay up to date on the latest employment laws and standards.
— Royale Scuderi Business Partner, Consultant, Specialist, Business Consultant