Can't Decide whether to use

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop?

Above all else we almost always recommend QuickBooks Online for our bookkeeping clients because it is simple the best. 

Click here for a QuickBooks Online monthly quote and we'll have you up and running in no time.

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Quickbooks online -

in the cloud

No doubt, we love QuickBooks online, the convenience for both client and bookkeeper is undeniable.  For example, bank feeds eliminate manual data entry and could save two to five hours a month of accounting, invoices can be emailed by you anywhere or automatically, and Intuit® Merchant Services transactions sync and post automatically, no more back-ups, and login from anywhere/anytime. 

One thing though, never trust QuickBooks online auto accounting categorizing system in the bank fee... that is why you need us :)

QBO does come with a monthly subscription but don't worry, we got you covered.  With our QB ProAdvisor discount you will not be paying more than you have to.

Also works well with QB merchant payment options.

Recommended for restaurants, retail shops (POS separate in house) and small businesses alike.

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QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop is still a good accounting tool in some cases.  We recommend QB desktop for some of our very small clients that do not want a monthly subscription cost for their accounting software until their business grows larger.  The desktop version will leave you with more manual entries, which means sometimes more accounting fees.  More times than often this is a catch22...

Also recommended for small therapy businesses, sole proprietors and personal budgeting.  

No matter what your situation is, we can figure out what is best for you!

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Most always we choose QuickBooks desktop when it comes to payroll.  We use our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Payroll subscription for our clients, it keeps us current with all IRS and state updates, allows for Payroll tax scheduling with every Payroll and Payroll tax filings quarterly or as needed.  Not to mention, this is a MUCH less expensive option for our clients than QBO.  

Let's figure out what is best for you and your small business.