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Catch-Up Services

We will help you get caught up and fearless!

Bookkeeping is vital to business; it can be scary for a small business owner if you find yourself months (or even years) behind on your books. This is particularly scary if faced with lost receipts, reconciliation discrepancies, banks requesting financial statements or an audit with IRS/State agencies.


Here are the catch-up services we offer:

• “Clear the Cobwebs” or getting control of your Invoicing and Accounts Receivables. We start here to assure you have received all revenue that you should have!!

• Review Accounts Payables to ensure your vendors have been paid and if any double entries exist such as bills vs. expenses (we see a lot of this!).

• Gather business expenses the owner has paid out of pocket. These expenses are a tax deduction to the business and get tracked in a shareholder loan account representing a liability of the business to you. In the future, this money can be pulled out of the business tax-free!

• Review receipts to match to your transactions

• Allocate transactions to categories that will give the most tax deductions possible for your business.

• Reconcile Your Bank, Credit Card, and loan accounts

• Optional processes for building a new bookkeeping system moving forward!

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