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Common $ense Review

Are your books keeping you up night?! Our Common $ense Review is our way of looking at every aspect of your Quickbooks file using our Common $ense Checklist to determine if your books are benefiting you. This review includes a summary report of the good, the bad, and the ugly 😊 or in other words.. what is benefiting you, issues we found and recommendations on how to make it all great.

Our Common $ense Review can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Here is what is included in this service:

Profit and Loss analysis

1. Review of Expenses accounts
2. Review categories to make sure they are to your tax benefit
3. Review Income accounts in QBO file compared to sales reports in the POS
system to assure matching totals if ever audited


Balance Sheet analysis

1. Review of Assets
2. Review of Liabilities (will need statements to confirm balances)
3. Review of Equity accounts, Draw accounts
4. Review bank and credit card reconciliations (or note if they have not been reconciled)
5. Review transactions that have not cleared the bank feed
6. Review Accounts Payables report (If applicable – if you enter your bills to be paid in your QBO file)
7. Summary of Review and recommendations for file

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